My Motto

I don’t know if I ever said it before but I have a pretty simple motto, or rule to live by out here following my cowboy around as he does his job on the Alberta Prairie.

” Rest when you can!”

It was hot. On hot days, rest happens at the dugout. We didn’t have far to move the cows and we just went from one dug out to the next then out the gate.

These two girls had to take a second, close up look at the odd lump hiding under a big hat sitting with her back up against a post.

The other girls and a guy or two were just interested in the water.

Pic found a chew or two.

Wilbur got his hot back aired out.

Of course the dogs took the opportunity to sit in the collie-hottub.

Gus is a good worker, like his dad, maybe too good. He thinks everyone needs his help and tuckers himself out. He did too much and I ended up having to load him on my horse with me to get him to the dug out after we moved the last bunch out the gate.

All in all it was still a nice day (the only bad part was lunch at 5:00 PM, but that’s kind of typical, still. . .  I was hungry when I got down to eatin’)


6 responses to “My Motto

  1. I am glad you take care of your dogs. Rest and hydration is extremely important. It’s so hot down here that we have to walk the dogs after the sun goes down. Even then the little fat one can’t go very far before she plops down and starts panting and has to be carried home. They both sprawled out on the cold kitchen tile floor.~Ames

  2. Sounds like a hot day, and still a late lunch. Nice to have a good day everyonce in a while too. And i like the motto, but I thought winter was for rest?

  3. The heat is killing us this year. 100+ degrees going on for a month now. Ugh!

    One thing the husband and I always do…pack some snacks. We both get real grumpy when we’re hungry. People laugh cause they always know we’ll have food.

  4. Love the photos and the story. Laughed at the cows looking at you.
    Poor Wilbur looks really tired.
    The dogs look like they had fun in their hot tub though.
    Lunch at 5. Wow. I bet you were hungry!
    Hope you all have a great day today!

  5. Except for the late late lunch and maybe a degree or two cooler ,looks like a pretty perfect day. and when it is super cold this winter wouldn’t it be nice to store some of today’s warm?

  6. That Gus sure is a good lookin’ dog. Bet you were glad to have that big hat for shade today!

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