The Same but Different

It’s amazing how everyday is the same but different. It’s all about cows, mostly, moving cows, treating cows, salting cows, moving and filling oilers for cows, adding and subtracting bulls for cows, taking care of the grass for cows, fixing fence for cows. And yet every day is different, weather, pasture, herd, season, there is so many variables and it makes for a hard, rich, and rewarding life.

Moved the Simmental herd, well part of it. 635 pairs is a lot for two people, especially when they have never been in the field they are in or the one they are moving too so it has turned into a 2 or 3 day move.

Calves always ball up in this corner. We need to fix it better, one more cow job (*sigh*)

Buddy was tired then and he still had bulls to load.

That one was easy.

This one not so much.

Had to break out the convincer for this one.

Then the rotter would go right to the back of the trailer and then was to big of a  chicken to get in with the other bull in the front so we had to move the trailer to along a fenceline.

I was a little chocked that this huge house was coming down the road just as we were coming to the moved stock trailer again. But luckily it didn’t seem to bother the bull and after a lot of convincing from the both of us we finally got him loaded and hauled down south to the Bull Pasture.

All done before the rain.


7 responses to “The Same but Different

  1. Nothing like an attitude adjuster! I still am in awe of the pictures of the wide open prairie up there.~Ames

  2. Nice when the bulls cooperate. When they don’t, that’s when cowboys get creative.

  3. That is just what I needed to see today . Someone who takes pride in being a cattleman and excells at it ! You both are wonderful! I hope you are as appreciated as you should be!

  4. Looks good. Whos house is that? Pretty big to be moving down the road.

  5. Those are some big bulls!
    Glad it all went well. Hard work, but a lovely area to do it in.
    Hope you all have a blessed day today! 🙂

  6. Looks like hard but very rewarding work – thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. I wish the bulls we deal with would just get in a trailer. That first one was fantastic!! Y’all been busy!! Best way to be…

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