When Cowboys Get Creative

And I quote Shirley: “Nice when the bulls cooperate. When they don’t, that’s when cowboys get creative.”

By now everyone knows how I feel about Charolais bulls, right? This one gimpy guy wouldn’t load in the trailer

and so. . .

We roped a back leg, tied it to the bottom of a fence post at the dugout then roped a front leg and tied it to a fence post the other direction. After that we went and got the trailer backed it up to his head end. We eventually got ropes on both front legs ( I got a little excited during that part since I was on foot and I have to admit since last year’s fiasco I’m pretty nervous around Charolais bulls when I’m not on a fast horse) and convinced him to get on the trailer.

I don’t know why all the foofurah, they are always so glad when we drop them off in the bull pasture by the oiler and salt.


6 responses to “When Cowboys Get Creative

  1. Animals are parsnickity.~Ames

  2. Haha. I’m glad it went well, too. It’s just like my cat. The hates when we do the flea treatment, or give her medicine. You’d think she’d be grateful to not itch or feel bad. 😉
    You all have a great weekend!

  3. Why is it always the women on foot?……….Lol!

  4. gowestferalwoman

    I dont like bulls. especially when we are walking. In fact i think im more afraid of bulls then snakes at this point!

    Hows your musical playing coming along? Its in your genes you know!

  5. He doesn’t look like one I’d mess with in any way. You are one brave girl! Loved the pics 🙂

  6. Glad it went well, but I can imagine you were nervous! Glad you got it safely done!

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