Mixed Up

The neighbor who has this cute little hunting cabin that we ride by sometimes  called today and we met him by this cabin. Our cows got mixed up. Well, some of ours got into his place and his bull got into ours.

but we got it all sorted out and it wasn’t nearly as bad as my cowboy first thought it was going to be.

The neighbor was very apologetic about his bull and very friendly. Everyone has been extra nice to us lately. It’s good but we kinda wonder what’s going on that we don’t know about.

It’s hard moving into a rural community as strangers. Everyone has usually known each other since childhood, their own or at least their kid’s childhood. Then here we come, trying to fit in. Maybe after 6 years, folks are just getting used to us being around. We try to get along with all 16 neighbors (surrounding the 40,000 acres we take care of) but animals sometimes don’t respect fences and mix ups occur. But today was an OK mixup, thank Heavens.






6 responses to “Mixed Up

  1. That’s a lot of land to care for and to be chasing cows all over. Maybe by your neighbors standards you have proven yourselves and are finally being accepted. I always think about moving to Montana but hear horror stories about the way outsiders are treated.~Ames

  2. Maybe they see what the rest of us see!

  3. How could they not love you ? You are a wonderful gal , and I bet your cowboy is as wonderful too

  4. Thats a cute cabin!

  5. Glad to hear that people remember their manners sometimes.
    Have a great week all!

  6. An Ok mix up, was maybe what was supposed to happen? Sometimes things occur, good and bad. At least its one way to get to know the neighbors! Sounds good to me.

    How you all doing out there?

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