7 Bulls Later

And 6 of them Charolais, all tucked away safe in the bull pasture, a good days work in spite of a sore wing. Thanks everyone, the sympathy is much appreciated.


8 responses to “7 Bulls Later

  1. A job well done. Hope you heal up fast. I’m not much of a fan for Quads either….although I do use one to run around here….doesn’t mean I like it.

  2. Hope that means all went well and that you’re healing well. ♥

  3. Glad those bulls are under control – feel better!

  4. Sorry to hear about the accident, cant be much fun, get well soon.

  5. gowestferalwoman

    and glad your bulls are put away! Hope your pain is put away soon too!

  6. Wow you are one tough cookie! feel better soon!

  7. Let’s hope they stay put!

  8. “sore wing” – what a great description. Hope it heals soon (and glad it wasn’t broken).

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