BooHoo BooBoo

My internet has been excruciatingly slow lately, thus no posts, but today I was looking for a little sympathy, or a lot, (not much around here) for my boohoo booboo.

I am almost too embassed to tell anyone how I hurt my arm, yes, it was on a quad (hanging my head in shame). I hate the darn thing even more now. The board bought my cowboy one for fencing and such and it seemed like it might work to drive out to where the horses were and bring them up for work a couple of days ago.

I slipped a couple of halters over my arm, climbed on, but when the darn thing started moving it caught some part of a halter under the wheel (you can tell I bad with machinery of any kind) whipped my arm back and tugged the halters off my arm. Ooch!

I felt like it was broke but having bones of steel I figured probably not, but still, I went to ER (a somewhat regular occurance for us) only to be kept waiting ahead of a lot of really sick folks so I left, came back home, and took one of my cowboy’s nice painkillers. Well the fuss that caused so I had to go back and get it xrayed and sure enough nothing broke. Luckily Crystal was here to take me (Thanks C)

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt bad (even with the painkillers) and I still have to help pull those dang bulls (this is the last week before they have to be out). This stupidity and my daughter spraining both wrists and me helping her earlier this week has put us way behind. Bleck!.

So I know it’s a stretch for a cowgirl in a quad mishap (stupid, stupid, stupid) but if anyone feels sorry for me at all  . . . I am looking for any sympathy I can get. I’ll need it when I get off my horse today for sure.

9 responses to “BooHoo BooBoo

  1. You got my sympathy too.
    Quads casue many many fatalities and painful accidents.
    Wear a helmit on them to prevent a brain injury!
    Hugs to you and those good looking Simmentals,


  2. Oh my goodness. That does sound painful! So glad it is not broken or worse …torn from the socket. You were very fortunate. Rest easy and come visit me once in awhile. We miss you over at Blogger!~Ames

  3. gowestferalwoman

    number one reason dogs get brought into the vet clinic around here – either a) they fell off of a quad or b) they got blown off of the back of the pickup on the highway by the semi’s. no joke.

    Get better soon!!!!

  4. Ouch! Hope it feels better soon. MArtin mentioned strapping an old milk crate to the back of the quad and throwing everything in there to keep your hands free.

  5. I’m all for sympathy – that sounds like it hurts a lot, and feel better soon – those bulls are waiting!

  6. Whenever I have halters over my arm, I”m extra cautious. Specially when I bring all 4 horses in at once, and have the ropes over my arm, I’m always checking to see if things are safe if one of the horses decides to leap away. Those quads.. I hate ’em. My old dog Tell lost his tail to the chain drive of an Argo years ago. I had to have the vet clean it up properly. Poor dog, after that we called him No Tail Tell.
    You take it easy with that arm, and it’ll heal faster.

  7. Oh my gosh! *hugs* to you and your daughter. I hope you’re both feeling better soon!

  8. Hi 3C, Crystal said a Linda ? got hurt, sorry to hear it’s you.
    “Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy” Gad it’s not broke, I know from my own stupid moves, not broke hurts worse ! You watch that quad, they buck too.

  9. Oh man, and on a quad no less. I’m a lil afraid of those things. I didn’t learn to ride one until a couple years ago and I’m still not real good at it. Sometimes I think they’re worse than horses for accidents. I hope you feel better soon, sounds like a long day ahead. You have my sympathy!!!

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