Hayes Brothers Horse Sale

Went to the sale across the river today with Crystal. My cowboy would have really liked to have bought this Zan Par Bar horse but it was a little more than we had to spend today. Lots of sales this time of year. He needs replacement for his best horse Buddy who was diagnosed with navicular.



7 responses to “Hayes Brothers Horse Sale

  1. Neat shot of the ferry. Glad we got to go to the sale together, i had fun even if we didnt buy anything.

  2. Sorry to hear about Buddy. Hope you can find a reasonably priced replacement.
    *Hugs* ♥

  3. aw I wish that you guys would have told me! I would have loved to go to this sale… maybe the next one??

  4. Ah- the Finnegan ferry!
    The right horse at the right price isn’t always easy to find. Nice to see you back, I was wondering how you were doing. You must be busy.
    I met Joanne Zoerb at the stock dog trials on Thursday, there are some photos of her on my post from Friday.

  5. Lets hope he finds something good. Cant be easy.

  6. I would love to come down there and ride the ferry! looks like fun . Hope you find just the right replacement for Buddy

  7. I’ve been thinking about you alot, lately! Hope all is well with you and your cowboy! 🙂

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