To Watch

My cowboy and I were looking on line for horses that were for sale and saw this video. It’s not us or ours (I kinda wish they were) but it’s fun to watch the boys having fun like they do around here ( at least towards the end, we never see the inside of an arena).

6 responses to “To Watch

  1. Wish we could afford that guy but we’re happy with Handy so far. I’m not sure what that horse would but I said before what we got offered for Wilbur. (more than we could afford to pay for him)

  2. Those cows sure seem full of spunk. Love the light colored horse. Very pretty.

  3. What can I say? That was damn awesome!……………!

  4. Great video! that horse is some kinda good fella! What are they asking for a horse like that these days?

  5. That’s a pretty nice horse that a guy could do a day’s work on.

  6. Nice, nice horse. That’s a selling video right there. Shows exactly what you get with that horse, and I sure like him!

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