The Barn

Something grand about the simplest of barns. Ours has two tie stalls and two small box stalls, a nice little tack room, a couple of barrels to hold “ketch’em” oats, and a couple of rarely seen barn lions.
I remember when they showed us around the place the first time I didn’t care as much about what the trailer looked like as I did about how comfortable the barn would be. And when I saw I knew I could be happy here.


4 responses to “The Barn

  1. Its the wood! It looks safe, workable and ……….you could spend time there.
    I like my stables, spend hours in there, watching doing stuff.

  2. It’s a beautiful barn with all that wood!

  3. It does look comfortable and very clean too

  4. Ha! you sound like me- the farm we bought in Darwell years ago, I bee-lined it for the barn and left the Realtor stuttering, “don’t you want to see the house first?”

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