Home Alone

Aaah! All those last minute details before a trip, traveling out east with 2 horses. It will be quite the adventure for me but I’m a little worried about my cowboy home alone without his backup.

7 responses to “Home Alone

  1. Where you off to sounds interesting. Looks like your man has a couple of friends to keep him company.

  2. He might be home alone, but he has friends and neighbors around to help if he needs it.

  3. Safe trip and God speed. ♥

  4. he will be fine and appreciate you so much more when you return.

  5. Where ya going? Hey, are you going to be able to go to Red Deer for the Supreme? I plan on going, and want to meet up with as many fellow bloggers as possible.

  6. If you like I can call in to Dad and check on him, I have his cell & the house phone numbers… we will even make sure to feed him on Sunday if he comes to Justins homecoming 😀

  7. I will keep him in my prayers , and you ,travel safely

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