Always a Worry

I seem to have such small worries. No wait . . . some of them weigh 1800 lbs. so I guess they’re not small and there are so many of them. They don’t have to cross the pavement but twice a year, on the way out and the way back to the South Camp but every time they make the trek across the hi-way, I worry.

Most drivers are good to wait but there is usually some pinbrain that thinks he’s more important than the cows I take care of (and he most definitely is not!). But all that being said, it went well. Only a few hundred more and that’ll be done for the year. The end is getting near.


4 responses to “Always a Worry

  1. Was better when you had construction to slow them down 😉

  2. It’s a good think that you don’t have them crossing the highway where there isn’t a good line of sight. Or like Linda and Bossman, a railroad. That would really have me panicky.
    Hope the rest of the season goes smoothly for you.

  3. That would be very unnerving!

  4. Understandable. Glad to see it seems to have gone well!

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