Shot At

I hate being shot at. I tend to think that during Antelope season every year.

Today it was right through a herd of cows besides. Signs were up ” caution cattle crossing” and it must have been hard to even see the antelope through 1200 cow and calf bodies but that did’t stop them.

My cowboy says crack heads have more brains than antelope hunters. Today I’m thinking he’s right.

But we got the cows moved in spite of the danger (Gus was awesome)

and had to treat this sick little girl.





8 responses to “Shot At

  1. Oy! I worry about my critters being shot at during hunting season often. There are 46 acres of woods behind us that people like to hunt in at this time of year. I try to make sure my horses are wearing neon colored sheets, even though they’re in a paddock by the house.

    I even put my dogs in hunting vests for safety this time of year.

    Stay safe!

  2. All good “shots”!……so what happened to that “divorce horse?”

  3. So many people have become uncaring and unthinking.
    I am thankful no one was hurt and you got the cattle moved safely.

  4. Ya I dont understand antelope hunters either, they should know enough to wait and the antelope will come to them you dont have to chase them.

  5. I think the worst thing about fall is putting up with trigger happy hunters. I know the feeling of bullets whizzing over my head!
    Nice to see that Gus has joined the ranks of the working dogs at your place.

  6. Scary!!! glad you are both OK

  7. Can’t say that I’ve ever been shot at and I’d like to keep it that way – stupidity knows no bounds and I’m glad you’re OK.

  8. I love that last shot!

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