Hard Sell

If you were wondering what happened to the Divorce Horse, well he’s working on winning me over but I have to admit I’m a hard sell on a 900 lb. horse with short legs. I swear those feet hit the ground twice to what a big horse’s do and with the distances I travel horseback that makes a huge difference on an old body like mine.

I knew he was sweet, but he’s darn sure brave too. Calves are getting big now and he held this one calmly. Still it’s not a yearling or, heaven forbid, a cow. Some of the cows here would outweigh him by twice. Yearlings would be about the same size. But he can hold a big calf, at least by a hind leg and he watches cattle like a hawk.

If he could run, he’d make an awesome little calf horse but I haven’t opened him up. I’m not one for that much speed. Or, he is so sweet and extremely calm, I could see a kid having lots of fun with this little horse. It’s too bad my granddaughters live so far away and the grandsons aren’t much interested in horses. It’ll be hard to sell this horse for what we paid for him, in my humble opinion. Craziness.

13 responses to “Hard Sell

  1. Did you ever find out why your husband purchased THAT particular horse for you? WHY that one ? Whats the real story? And I think you SHOULD indeed write a book about your cattle and horse experiences and title it the DIvorce Horse. It really gets the attention!

  2. He sure is cute! And so nice hes quiet. Maybe this means you wont have to rope any more! always worth a try.

  3. I see your point, but maybe this is the “Little Horse that Could!” He looks a really nice fella.

  4. Your comment that he will be hard to sell for what you paid for him says it all. I wondered if you would keep him. …I don’t think I would either. If it hasn’t clicked yet, it probably won’t and his size does sound like a liability if the cows are bigger than he is.

  5. *hugs*
    Not sure what to say. Hope something works out. ♥

  6. Maybe it’s your husbands way of telling you it’s time for you to slow down and not rope those big ones anymore?
    He might be smaller than you’re used to but he sure looks soggy.

  7. Hopefully you don’t refer to it as Divorce Horse to it’s face, you might give it a complex.

  8. He’s a cute horse, looks like he works real well. Too bad the grandkids aren’t closer. I’m with you on the short horse thing. I like them, but I hate riding them. I feel like I’m on a pony. If I have to cover any kind of distance, I want something with long legs that strides out. The kind where I look up and realize we’re at the fence already.
    He’s cute though, works good. Maybe he’ll grow on ya 🙂

  9. He seems like a good fellow. you never know you might just find the right combo of buyer and get what you need out of him . or keep him around , I like short horses more and more these days . But I don’t use ’em for the same stuff as you do

  10. I don’t mind a small horse – even though I’m tall. Too bad you live so far away . . .

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