Sand Hills

When I say I was checking the sand hills for cows I mean sand hills.

of course there are only a few open sores like this one now, most are grassed over, but underneath is still sand like this.

I got kind of chilled. Maybe should have started a little later when it warmed up a bit but I did find 4 misplaced pairs and moved them on my own. So I guess I earned my keep today.


7 responses to “Sand Hills

  1. Glad you found the cows. I dont like being out when its cold like that cause it means I have to wear a coat, lol.

  2. Not gonna lie… sand hills there kind of surprises me!

  3. Must be cold, looks a bit dull too. But congrats on getting the cows in. Not quite ready for the hats and coats yet, but we have had some sharp frosts, and thats a bit early.

  4. It is feeling chilly these days , the sun just isn’t warming me anymore , glad you found the stragglers

  5. Guess it’s time for the long underwear, fuzzy hats, and warm boots. I dug my Carr Heart coat out yesterday.

  6. Congratulations on taking care of the cows!

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