Too Pooped

Man! Am I tired! I can only imagine how tied Pic is


And Blue too

An open gate and a couple hundred head in the wrong pasture didn’t take too long to get straight with some good help. It’s always fun when one of or girls comes to help us.

But the rest of the day was the kicker. Cleaned out a big field in preparation for them leaving for home on Wednesday. Just takes a lot of hard riding.

When things speed up it gets a lot harder and scarier. My horses have learned to pay attention when I say: watch yer step. Gopher holes, badger holes, rosebush, sage brush and alkali, ditches-with and without water, blowouts all make for an interesting ride on the dead run trying to head off a Gelbveigh cow ( I’ve said how I feel about those cows before and I’ll leave it at that. Grrr) that’s bent on taking the whole herd the wrong way. Oh well, I wouldn’t trade my problems for some one else’s (including the Gelbveighs).


9 responses to “Too Pooped

  1. Glad it went OK, but I bet you are pooped! Hope you had time for a good soak in a hot tub. And One of these days I sure would love to come ride with you . Maybe I can ride the short horse?

    • Only a few days left this year. Saturday we’ll be done for this year. This week will be crazy busy. I’ll have to save Puny for you and Kate to ride now. Maybe his calling is to be a company horse.

  2. Oh, I hope you can have a day of rest soon. We all need it at one point.

    I roared with laughter this time (and the last time you wrote about em too) when read about the Gelbveighs!)

  3. Ah well, Gelbvieghs or not, you have the satisfaction of a job well done. And, a good horse to ride, and a good dog. Life is good.

  4. I don’t mind a small horse at all . . .

    • So then we have a plan, you come to visit, I’ll pick you up at the Calgary airport. Just tell me when your coming and I’ll save the little guy for you to ride and then I’ll be happier to have him.

  5. It’s good to know you have such great helpers.
    Blessed Sunday to you. ♥

  6. You are one hard working lady. Hope you get a chance to rest up for a few days (horses and dogs too). I would love to come ride and work with you someday . . .

    • I would so love that too. Know that you are welcome any time. Just get here and well take care of you. You could even ride the divorce horse( he really is sweet and you would like how well trained he is.)

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