Odd name for a dog but it means the same as Bachgen (boy) but in Swedish instead of Welsh.

It was his first day moving cows and he was so good at it. Most collies are, but this one is deaf and I didn’t know how it could work. But I took him with Gus and Pojke watched so closely and just figured out what to do from what Gus and I was doing. And never got lost which happens to most of our pups the first time out with us. I’m very impressed with how brave he is as well and enthusiastic. And he is so sweet.

He has only two commands “come” which I tap my knee to tell him and “out” which is a flick of my hand. The only hard part is getting his attention. Someone said they had vibrating collars for that but I’ve only ever seen the shock collars which I would never use on a dog. Does anyone knows where I could get one?


7 responses to “Pojke

  1. I think it’s cool that you’re using him to work anyways! So many people would have put him down as a pup or not even bothered to give him a try at working. Go Pojke!

  2. I was wondering how Pojke was doing. We never used anything to get Tip’s attention but just used the other dog that he was with, or got in his line of sight. I hope the collars work for you.

  3. Some of the shock collars can be set to vibrate only. I’d check out the SportDog collars.

  4. I found a website all about deaf dogs. The collars are expensive but here is the link.


  5. never heard of a vibrating collar , sounds like it would sure be useful in this case

  6. Found a couple links that may help you.

    This one shows how to make your own if someone you know has the parts.

    Different listing on same site.
    http://www.deafdogs.org/resources/vibramakers.php – most of the ones listed here are not cheap though.
    There were some listed on Amazon. As with the chart above, many also have shock. Not sure if this could be permanently disabled or not.

    You might try asking at a local pet or farm supply store the next time you go into town.

    Good luck!

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