That’s how quiet it will be without the cows after tomorrow, deathly quiet. I suppose that’s appropriate for the time of year

Death, Knight, and the Devil by Albrecht Durer


4 responses to “Death

  1. That’s how I thought it was going to feel here, with my horses away. Luckily, well, not really luckily because it’s a problem in it’s own right, Sugar, my rescue mare, would not load today. She created drama and threatened to hurt herself. So, she is still home. I do not have to face it being deathly quiet and incredibly sad here without my ponies.

  2. A Tad morbid?……………But I can see what you mean. Our late lambs are ready to move to market now. The silence will be obvious. Not only that but the Ewes are ready for Tupping, and the ground being so water logged, we are moving the flock next week to other ground.

  3. I’ve always loved Durer.

    Must be very odd to have the cows all gone . . .

  4. Feast or famine. In the summer you can’t wait for it to be over and soon you won’t be able to wait until it starts again.
    *hugs* and God Bless. Hope the coming down time renews you all. ♥

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