Take Out

Last day of take out and what a pretty day. A lovely warm south west wind, 16 degrees Celsius warmer than first thing Wednesday morning when we gathered
up those first two herds.

I teased one of the young fellows so much about not having a cowboy hat that today he came with a nice new palm and he looked good in it One of my favorite kids, Leonard he’s a pleasure to ride with, that boy. He’s grown up so much since we first met him and has the cutest new wife now.

Everything went easy into the corrals. The only bobble in the whole day was a little talk I had with another young fellow. He needed something said to him. As far as I’m concerned if you have a problem with how things are run and think your so much smarter than everyone else take your ‘suggestions/observations to the board and deal with it through proper channels. Don’t grumble the ear off the lease rider.

I think they are just complainers and nobody pays any attention to them anymore. But they aren’t picking on the guy that I know how hard he is working out there.

Did I ever tell you I don’t take abuse well? And you might not like it but you will always know right where you stand with me. I’m pretty much ‘what ya see is what ya get’, everything up front-nothing behind your back. I try to be firm, friendly, and fair but . . . if something needs saying I’ll say it. Besides, I think I’ve worked hard enough and lived long enough that I’ve earned the right to say a few things.

But in all it was just a really nice day.





4 responses to “Take Out

  1. Young folks don’t know that wisdom comes with age; they learn eventually. Especially with a few well placed words from someone who has the “right to say a few things”.
    Looks like it was a pretty good day.

  2. Looks like a hard day’s work on a pleasant day weather wise. I like the mid 50s to 60s, warm enough to be comfortable but cool enough you can have a light vest on. I agree with you that age and wisdom brings the confidence to speak when necesssary.

  3. Absolutely.
    You all have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  4. Glad it went well, and there is alway at least one grumbler around. Glad you set him straight.

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