Last Father’s Day my cowboy got this really good surprise in the mail from one of the western stores in Alberta, a pair of brand new Wranglers (much needed). How that all came about was because the store had a contest for Father’s Day and one of our girls, Jazlyn, wrote in and won the contest, the prize being the wranglers and a rain poncho.

Today I found out what she actually wrote and thought I might just share it here.

“My dad is the greatest because he taught me the responsibilty of work, honest true hardworking work. He taught me that I can do anything if I just put myself out there and tried, taught me that it is ok to fail, because that would give me another opportunity to try again. He was the one who I could always call if I needed to talk and get something off my chest, he taught me how to rope and how to bring down a cow if she needed treating. My dad is the greatest because he won’t go against mother nature, if a cow goes one way easier than another, it’s ok eventually it will get where the others are. Dad sure could use another pair of good hearty jeans since he works as lease rider, we all know that a poncho would be nice for those rainy days out in the saddle to. I love my dad!”

Thanks Sweetie, he really appreciated and needed those jeans.


An addition to the post:
I appreciate your compliments on a job well done but I need to explain something. We can’t take credit for this wonderful daughter. You see, she was almost grown when she adopted us. I don’t know who to give the credit to: her dad and step mom, or her mom and stepdad, her extended families, loving grandparents, God (for sure him)? She is a really special child, now turned mom, and I’m not sure we deserve how much she loves us (or all such kindnesses) but she does and we love her and count her among our own.


8 responses to “Daughter

  1. awe I Love you guys to! That just made me cry in a good way! So happy to have you two in my life ❤

  2. How very sweet, thanks for sharing. A father’s day to remember. She was positively affected by your caring parenting, regardless of who her biological parents are. Speaks volumes.

  3. our daughter is a daddys girl and always turns to him to talk. you have raised a wonderful young lady and it shows in her letter, I think you had a lot to do with her turning out so well too.

  4. As a Father to 4, I can only express the following sentiment.

    How wonderful, that she can say what she means, and know how to say it. Its sometimes hard being a Dad. Knowing that you have done a good job with your kids, and that they love you, isnt always so clear.

    Well done all of you.

  5. That is a pretty sweet letter, no wonder it won. You both can be proud of your daughter.

  6. That’s just plain lovely . . .

  7. What a nice essay. Obviously a girl who is very proud of her dad. I am betting he is pretty proud of her too

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