Relax and Breathe

Why did I have to wake up so early this morning and then not go back to sleep when the pressure is off and I have a chance to actually relax a little? Craziness! I guess it will take me a little while to calm down after driving myself so hard.

But all the things that get put on hold till the cows go home are now staring me in the face. Cleaning and fixing, and winter preparations, and Christmas coming 🙂

I have to start downsizing besides and went through some boxes to see what I can get rid of. I found these cute little plastic canvas houses that my mom made before she past. I’ve been keeping them for one of my daughters. I think it’s about time she had them.


7 responses to “Relax and Breathe

  1. It’s sounding like you need to Relax and Breathe. I think your daughter will love those houses ….how could she not…. they come from a place of love.

  2. What adorable little houses! They’re so cute! And what a great keepsake your mom left!

  3. Passing on family treasures is wonderful, hope they are appreciated. Those are some very pretty flowers too.

  4. Oh how precious are those!

  5. What cute houses. I bet your daughter will love them.

    I find it hard to get rid of anything. As soon as I do, we usually need it not long after.
    I have been trying to pack some things to move, but that too takes forever; because what can we do without and what can be safely left in an empty house?

    Good luck getting to what needs doing. Take care, too. ♥

  6. I am sure your daughter will love them! thay are so sweet, and hadmade by here grandmother , well what a treasure!

  7. I too, have come to a place where it is less stressful to have less stuff. The more stuff, the more you have to dust it, wash it, store it. I’ve given away crafting supplies to friends who ACTUALLY do that craft still instead of holding down shelves in my closet! Pared down my books (oops, need to do that one again!), clothes, dishes, pots and pans that I never use… well, you get the idea!

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