Miche Me

This is a girlie post so beware.

I got my Christmas present today. I love presents when I get to pick out exactly what I want and then not have to wait to get it. I can’t stand the waiting and will open my Christmas presents if I get them too early. I try not to but eventually I can’t stand the suspense. It’s kind of like eating chocolate, I know it’s going to make me sick (I know, such a sad life) but sometimes I just have to eat some. I can go along for quite a while till my resolve fails and I succumb.

I think my will power consists of not being tempted. And there is something good about knowing that about myself so I never buy cocoa powder or hot chocolate or any other kinds of chocolate. I tried having that yucky tasting 85% cocoa chocolate bars when I needed a chocolate fix but I ended up eating enough of it that it made me sick too. The old horse trainer Ray Hunt taught us (my cowboy and I met at one of his clinics) to make the right things easy and the wrong things hard. So I don’t buy chocolate and make it easy for me to eat it.

Sidetracked; sorry. Back to my brilliant present. I think the person who thought of this deserves to be rich. Purses that you don’t have to take any stuff out when you want a new color or look, you just change the outside. Miche I love you.

They had sale where you got the basic bag 2 different types of handles and 4 different covers that are held on by magnets. If you go to their site you can even custom design your own cover (which the artist in me says Yay!)

My Miche:





8 responses to “Miche Me

  1. I’ve contemplated getting one of those! Just haven’t done it…. yet 😉

  2. Where they on “The Dragon’s Den”? I seem to remember something like that on there.

  3. Love your idea… I buy myself gifts too! As to purses, I’ve never found that perfect one yet… perhaps I should design my own and have it made?! Lol!

  4. That is a very interesting idea. Never heard of a purse like that but it does look nice! 🙂

  5. cool, my mom has one of those. They are really neat.

  6. What a good idea! Is that Christmas tree up in your house already?

  7. Very pretty, A very girlie girl gift ! yay nice to have some pretty things too

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