Lots of days I miss my dad.
My dad and I on our way to the local rodeo.

He was a character, my dad; he had a very dry sense of humor and loved to tease. Often I couldn’t tell if he was teasing until my mom started to giggle, then I knew I’d been had. He had funny sayings like: “a fartin’ horse never tires and a fartin’ man is the man to hire”.

He walked all over, (never drove a car) and often down the back allies. He said you could tell a lot about people from their back yards and their shoes. He taught me to polish mine (back when shoes were all made of leather).

He almost always had his sleeves rolled up, kind of a gird up your loins kind of thing(meaning: be ready to work). He worked his whole life from the time he was done school at age 13 till he was 79. Maybe he is why I want it engraved on my grave stone “work is a good thing. ”

The thing I liked best about him was that he loved me. I never heard him ever say that out loud but I knew beyond any doubt. A lot of things can influence little girls but nothing is as powerful as her Dad’s love for her. Mothers are just expected to love you but Dads are different somehow. It does a lot for a little girl’s self esteem when she know her dad loves her.

So here’s to all the dads out there, may you love your daughters as much as mine did me. You may never realize how much it will mean to them.

13 responses to “Dads

  1. A loving tribute to your dad!~Ames

  2. Sounds like I missed out by not having a dad, but I had a grampa that was just like that and he stepped up for me 🙂

  3. Touching post…I miss my dad too. You may be interested in posting this great blog at Haynet a new Equine Social Blogging Network for more to follow your blog. Come and have a look at

  4. This kind of made me cry just a bit! Super sweet! My dad has the same sweet place in my heart! My mom & dad both say that when I was born, my dad and I had a bond like no other… and it still holds true to this day 🙂

  5. what a nice post, my dad was a hard working farmer and a very kind man, his temper was slow unless it involved children or animals. I have seen him really go off on people that mistreated either one. this must be Dads appreciation week, Bush Babe has a very nice write up about her Dad too, we girls can always be little girls in our dads eyes if we want.

  6. Wonderful post. ♥

  7. A lovely post about a wonderful man – you were fortunate to have each other.

  8. Lovely memories of your Dad , I have been thinking nd worrying a lot about my dad as of late . he is having a hard time with is back and hip ,and I hate to see him struggle

    • That’s a tough one. Has he considered surgery? Sometimes replacement is a good alternative.

      • they are trying a few things first, but at the end of the day it will likey be hip replacement surgery. But with moms failing health it is a bit up in the air . Oh well they loved us through our childhood so its our turn to love and support them at his time

  9. Sounds like your dad did a good job of raising you. Love the old photo.

  10. You dad and mine sound very much the same… the first time my dad spoke the words ‘I love you,’ he was 80 years old and in failing heath. He had a wonderful sense of humor, worked harder than most people I know, was handy at fixing anything, always gave a helping hand, loved the Lord and he love me… sweet post!

  11. That’s a beautiful tribute to Dads everywhere.

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