Personality and Attitude

“The true beauty of the universe lies in it’s infinite diversity.” to quote Mister Spoc. Isn’t it amazing how different horses can be and I don’t mean in size or colour or conformation, I mean in personality and attitude.Take Pic and Trouper for example.

Pic ( and I do love him although with what follows it might not seem like it) is easily bothered and can get rattled quite easily. He loves to run, faster and faster and faster ( than I want to go). He hates being pulled on at all and will protest by bobbing and flicking his head at a walk or at 100 mph (which can make for a pretty thrilling ride if he’s doing that flat out over sage, rose briars, dancing through alkali sink spots and cattail sloughs). A person with bad hands would hate Pic and I guess on the other side of that, Pic would hate him too. But I can get more work done on him than on any two other horses half his age.

Then there’s Trouper who isn’t above bucking your but off if your gonna be a jerk. He hates swearing and has almost singlehandedly broke my cowboy of the habit (I do have to admit that me and the dog have helped a little with that). He prefers to walk but will get there if he has too. He’s learned from years of being a cow pony that sometimes it really pays to hurry. Ive seen him go places that made me think if a cow could go up a tree or down a badger hole that horse would be right on her tail. He’ll try you and if you’re the least bit gullible he’ll take advantage of you faking being tired when you haven’t gone a mile or being sick or something like that (he’s never sick). If you tell him ‘come on we got ta do it’ he just buckles down and goes to work and he’s a really good worker.

Whatever their personality or attitude I love them both and they have both held my life in their hands (or maybe that’s hooves) many times. We’re all part of that infinite diversity and doesn’t it make for a fascinating life.

7 responses to “Personality and Attitude

  1. Well I don’t have a horse to compare to yours, but I have two dogs with two totally different personalities. Pic sounds like a scary horse to ride.~Ames

    • Dogs have such amazing personalities don’t they. Were so lucky they love us so much. Sometimes Pic makes me so mad I cry but we trust each other. He’s always taken care of me in spite
      Of his problems not to mention my own problems. He’s a good soul.

  2. Amazing how different they are and yet both your favorites still.

  3. Loved that post! A horse that hates swearing??
    Yeah, how is the little horse?

  4. They both sound like smart boys. Interesting about Trouper not liking swearing.
    How is your little horse doing, do you ride him much?

  5. Wow. A cow horse that doesn’t like swearing. Now that is something I would never have expected.
    Hope you all have a blessed Thursday!

  6. Gotta love a horse that hates swearing! I love the variations in personality and all the quirks and little tiny specifics of each horse – it makes being around them such a pleasure. Dawn is intense and a real worker, although very sensitive. Pie is Mr. Cool. Drifter is all fire and brio and showing off to the ladies.

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