My Friend

I’ve known this friend for about 10 years. She’s around half my age and I think of her as one of my own girls. (There’s couple more I love to add to that list, little Texas girls and maybe one from Kansas).

When we first moved up to the area we live in now she worked at the same ranch as us. I really liked it there and imagined I must have died in a head-on car accident with her and we were all in Heaven and just hadn’t realized it yet. Or maybe that she was a little angel that got sent to make us happy there.

Since that time she married the nicest guy and is no longer the hired hand but a rancher herself. And we moved to the job we have now but not far from her, just a ferryboat ride and a few miles away.

I took her and my picture together when I was over there today to record that she actually does wear a coat. Seldom but it does happen. Of course it was one of those teeth clattering cold days but I’ve seen her before on days that cold with no coat so in my mind it was an event worth recording.

I don’t know what she could have possibly done so bad as to deserve all that snow in the background ( we only got about ten flakes where we live and it’s just across the river).

A while back we went together to a farm auction and I bought the coolest old washing machine and she bought a horse drawn round bale feeder. We went over and got it today so we can feed large rounds instead of small squares which are a lot harder for us to get. I didn’t get any pictures of it cause we ran into town to get some new cable and a clevis cause I think we can maybe pull it behind the truck (for now) but I’m pressing for a team of Suffock Punches not real big and not real pretty but my Dad’s favorites. (He quit farming when they quit using horses, never drove a tractor, always a team). I so always wanted a team.

Well I’m off to check out the Western Producer Classified Ads. They always have teams in there and then I’m off to bed to dream of big horses.


9 responses to “My Friend

  1. It’s always nice to have a long time friend. All that talk about farm equipment reminds me of my dad reading the Farm and Ranch papers. I think he missed living in Ky. But we always had animals and a garden amid our citrus groves.~Ames

  2. Great pic, Crystal where did you get that hat ….I want one……she probably made it that girl can do anything…..maybe that’s what’s the same between you two.

  3. Yoda is broke to ground drive and he’s the right color. LOL.

  4. I used to be that way. It had to be really cold before I would wear anything extra. I still don’t own a coat. I just wear one of hubby’s if I get cold enough to need one.

    Weather happens that way here, too. We have a river between us and a town only about 30 miles away and they often get weather that we don’t get.

    Good luck getting your team. When fuel is non-existent, they only consume true renewable resources. 🙂
    Hope you can find a team at a reasonable price!

  5. Its so good to have friends like yours, they are few and far between. Good luck with the team driving!

  6. I still think you probly got enough horses out there you could hook some up, just think of the training on the young ones!!

  7. Ah Crystal ,what a sweet gal,and you too! She is probably too busy miost of the time to grab a coat! that is one ambitious lady! Always nice to have good friends

  8. She’s one of my favorite girls too; always a smile and a good hand with horses.

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