Good Days

Got lots of house cleaning done today now I’m sitting with my feet up feeling good about all I got done.


Yup, pretty much love days like today.

Oh and my 2nd most favorite barn cat, Josephine, just had kittens in the backhall instead of out in the cold. So glad I let her stay in when she asked today. 🙂



11 responses to “Good Days

  1. Your tree is up already? Oh my. I am not even in the mood for Christmas. I mentioned to hubby this morning how I might put the snow village up this year and he poo poo’d the idea. I think it’s because the cabinet they are stored in is behind a motocycle and a lawn mower. 🙂 Those kittens are adorable. How many did she have??

    • I did put up.a tree at all last year cause I was kind of sick. So this year I wasn’t takin any chances. I thought she had six but there are just five new kitties in the back hall closet.

  2. Is that your Christmas tree? It’s pretty! And I want a kitten 🙂

  3. What a pretty kitty! (And a gorgeous tree. 🙂 )
    Glad you let her stay inside. They are a cute family.
    Blessed Sunday to you. ♥

  4. I’m with Sherry ….smart mama….good thing you listened. I’m glad I live a bit away cause I am the biggest sucker for baby anythings…. I would be asking for all of them.

  5. Is Christmas so close? OMG! That cat is really cute.

  6. Josephine knows the best spot to have kittens on a cold day – how many are there?

  7. Cute little kitties… looks like one is also a calico… wish I lived closer I’d put dibs on that one!

  8. Awwww! That’s the sweetest picture!
    And you have your Christmas tree up already! Beautiful!!

  9. smart kitty! so glad she asked you to let her in!

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