The neighbors phoned that they had found one of our missing calves, a nice little heifer. We picked her up, took her down to the south camp, and called Leonard to come get her. He was pretty happy to get her back. Leonard is one of my favorite members of the lease, such a nice young fellow so it was good to know we’d made him happy even though were off the payroll for the winter.

I made this from the picture of a caterpillar I took in Ontario. I’ve been thinking quite bit about that saying lately, wondering how painful it actually is to do that. Is it a case of no pain no gain? But I would love to fly. Still caterpillars are fuzzy and interesting.


5 responses to “Found

  1. Well I have a hard time busting out of the coccoon but it is worth it in the end

  2. Tend to agree with all that. But isnt it also about change? How change can be as good as a rest?

  3. Sometimes it takes grace to stop being a caterpillar.

  4. I like that, its like its saying “Be happy being YOU”

  5. Seems we often have to give up being or doing one thing to be or do something else, its the letting go that’s hard for me sometimes…

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