Death by Charolais

I’ve been watching the NFR from Las Vegas that I think they are now calling the WNFR (the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo) because of the great sponsorship of Wrangler (my favorite jeans too, by the way). In Canada it comes on tv at some inconvenient time so we tape it and watch it together in the evening.

I have to confess we kind of fast forward thru the rough stocks events to get to the timed events that we most relate to (we try and avoid animals that buck) but then at the end my cowboy never wants to miss Donny Gay’s commentary on the bull riding so I have to sit thru that which I find quite painful. I had to look away tonight when a young fellow got rubbed in the dirt by a big white bull. Been there: done that.

I quite often relive that moment I reached out and put both my hands on the forehead of a big, charging, white bull last year and remember how I thought I was going to be fully aware as death by Charolais took me out. I wondered at the time if my lifelong aversion to bulls was because somehow I knew it was how I was going to die.

One of my girls mentioned the other day how ironic it was that her mother who was so scared of bulls that during a rodeo she would disappear during the bull riding (I used to go hide in the washroom till I heard about the lady who was in the outdoor washrooms at a rodeo and a bull escaped and ended up in there with her.) now has so much to do with them. Ya, around 70 a year, sigh. I’m no less terrified, but I gotta do it anyway.

Well, maybe death by Charolais is still out there but that incident, last year, only took me out of commission for 6 weeks. And if I just don’t watch the bull riding I won’t have to think about bulls till the first of June. Ya, don’t watch the bull riding, that’s going to be my plan.


5 responses to “Death by Charolais

  1. Being afraid can be an intelligent thing. It’s what keeps you ALIVE. Only dumb people wouldn’t be afraid of staring death in the face of an angry, hooved animal.

  2. Wow, that last picture is outstanding! Who drew it?

    • Me. Look carefully At the clown in the barrel. The fear on his face is mine and the other clown is a little creepy, like death looking over his shoulder. (I tried hard to make him look different but it just turned out that way). I drew it when I was much younger and didn’t notice those things till a few years ago. I’ve been scared of bulls my whole life.

  3. Sometimes when I fear something, I face it, analyze it to bits, imagine the worst that can happen- my fear of flying is a good example- and then when I’m doing whatever I fear, I find that I’ve become mentally prepared and it doesn’t live up to my fears. Maybe your fear of bulls is what keeps you from death by Charolais. You are pretty brave to face them on a daily basis at work.

  4. Understandable!
    Hope you both have a wonderful day. ♥

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