What’s Possible

Sometimes you run across something that changes your life. It can be a simple as a little saying or as complicated as a little girl with big dimples. Well today I saw this for the first time and cried. I want this level of partnership with everyone of the horses I ride. I just glimpsed what’s possible


4 responses to “What’s Possible

  1. I remember watching this at the time and thinking how wonderful it was. I’m a long way from that with my horses, but it’s still inspiring to watch.

  2. That video has inspired a lot of people, myself included. It brought tears to my eyes the first time- and still does.

  3. That is pretty neat.
    *hugs* ♥

  4. Yes, that’s true horsemanship, for sure!
    My hubby, he rode a colt we raised bareback and bridleless for the very first ride on him. I think my hubby has great horsemanship skills.
    Yes, horses are truly amazing animals, and yes, we should all try to have a true partnership with them.

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