Wedding dresses

I got married in this dress. Not a fancy wedding, just in my parents house, (immediate family only) but my dad met me at the bottom of the stairs and escorted me to the new man in my life. My knees shook during the short ceremony.

I took it out to my granddaughters and was amazed to see that it wasn’t too much too big for the almost 9 year old. (I was so thin at 23). She was absolutely delighted with it. I also took my daughters wedding dress out to her after storing it I’m my house for so long.

Such memories in a dress.


3 responses to “Wedding dresses

  1. You were BEAUTIFUL but you still are!

  2. I think it’s fantastic!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and are feeling better. ♥

  3. A pretty and simple dress, and still that wonderful smile that I love!

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