“It takes a long time become young.” Pablo Piccaso

Lots of folks I know sneer at Piccaso’s work because it looks so odd. Not many of those same folks realize that his art looked the way it did because he was trying to show that form was an important part of art, as a reaction to the impressionist movement that preceded his “new” idea. Those guys got all carried away with how light reflects and forgot about the form behind the light. So Picasso (an expatriated Spainard) threw out colour and painted eyes from the front (that way that tell you most about it’s form) and noses from the side or profile (which tells you the most about it’s form).


He left Spain because of a dictator, Generalisamo Franco, and this painting was a protest of Piccaso’s to Franco’s bombing of the small town of Guernica where many innocents died.

I guess the point of that short art history lesson was that odd looking stuff makes sense when we understand what is behind it and that it is usually the reaction of the artist to the times in which he (or she) lives.

I personally have a great deal of admiration for Piccaso and I loved that this quote of his was in this TED talk of Jane Fonda’s (of all people I have never given a second thought to, but a intelligent accomplished woman).

I feared getting old but, beginning my third act, I have come to the realization that what this thoughtful woman says about the human spirit is so true. And I guess you don’t have to live on the prairie surrounded by cows to realize it either. I actually love being the age I am. Old, for me at least, is a good thing.


3 responses to “Young

  1. Are you OK? Haven’t heard from you in a while . . .

  2. So far this growing up growing older is OK , except for the increased aches and pains

  3. I never sneered at Picaso. I always thought I was too dumb to understand him. Thanks for explaining him to me.

    The video was interesting. I have never listened to her before, but I am glad I did today.

    Still haven’t identified the berries, but I’ll try to let everyone know what they are if I do. I’d love them to be blueberries, too. 🙂
    Brr. I remember -40 in Alaska. Stay warm! Glad you posted. Hope you’re all well. ♥

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