Monthly Archives: February 2012


Don’t believe a word of it but I do love the pictures. The pastures might be chopped up now into 5,000 acre chunks but the cowboy’s not gone. Like I’ve said before, they are just hard to see from the road.

The Last Cowboy Song

Sick day (night)

Can’t sleep. I’m sick: sore throat , so achy even my teeth hurt. When I’m sick I crave chocolate and have no will power to resist it. I’ll be sicker tomorrow because I ate some today. I like chocolate but it doesn’t like me. I know, kind of a sad deal.

On a lighter note, learning to play the mandolin is coming along slow but sure. Never learned to play anything before so it’s a huge learning curve for this old cowgirl. I can just imagine me sitting out on the back step serenading the cows this summer.

Sure do miss those cows. 40,000 acres seems like a lot of empty when they aren’t here. But spring is just around the corner now. Yay!!!



Spring Fever

It’s been a long while since I blogged last. It seems that I don’t feel much is worth me writing unless it’s about cows, horses, dogs, or grass. Not much of those type of doings this time of year. But it’s a coming. I can almost feel spring, especially with this unseasonably warm dry weather. I can hardly stand myself I have spring fever so bad. So here’s to spring and the beginning of the fun.