Sick day (night)

Can’t sleep. I’m sick: sore throat , so achy even my teeth hurt. When I’m sick I crave chocolate and have no will power to resist it. I’ll be sicker tomorrow because I ate some today. I like chocolate but it doesn’t like me. I know, kind of a sad deal.

On a lighter note, learning to play the mandolin is coming along slow but sure. Never learned to play anything before so it’s a huge learning curve for this old cowgirl. I can just imagine me sitting out on the back step serenading the cows this summer.

Sure do miss those cows. 40,000 acres seems like a lot of empty when they aren’t here. But spring is just around the corner now. Yay!!!




8 responses to “Sick day (night)

  1. Hope you are feeling better

  2. Hi, Wish I had taught myself to play the mandolin. I chose the harpsicord and can only play two songs. When the Saints Go Marching In and God Bless America. I bought a keyboard . Don’t know how to play that but so far I can play Just As I Am from my Hymnal. I did this because I heard the whole hand eye thing was good for staving off Alzheimers. LOL! Get well soon my friend!~Ames ♥

  3. How beautiful your mandolin is… are you teaching yourself? I taught myself, guitar, banjo, hammered dulcimer and autoharp… but I don’t play any of them these days… get well!

  4. Congratulations and good luck with your mandolin!
    Hubby and I have been sick, too. Hope you’re getting better, soon!

  5. Sorry to hear you are sick.. but it will pass. I think it’s wonderful that you are learning mandolin; my husband wanted to do that and even bought a mandolin but never took any lessons and eventually sold it.

  6. Hope you feel better soon, friend!

    Yay for learning to play the mandolin, I bet you concur it well!

  7. Feel better soon . . .

    I, too, took up playing an instrument in my old(er) age, having never played before (recorder), and have found it a wonderful thing indeed, although it isn’t easy.

  8. Mandolin eh? All I can say is very well done! Sorry to hear your unwell, its not pleasant, but my best wishes are for you. Anyway, when do the cows come back?

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