Finally, Pic and I got to chase cows, well bulls really. Bulls seem to be my lot in life. The funny thing was I went over to our friends to move their heifers up to the yard in preparing for calving but the bulls had to be moved first. Heifers tomorrow (oh, darn! Have to ride my horse 2 days in a row:-)

It was almost like cheating with a fence on either side except that when bulls get fighting fences never stand in their way. So I stayed back and didn’t pressure them up and everything went along pretty sweet. Slow is fast, especially with bulls.

I liked this old steel wheel cart sitting in the yard by the grain bin. Still just a bit of snow left from this last storm but it won’t last long now.


Pretty nice day and I get to do it all over again tomorrow except really with the heifers this time. I think ol’ Churchill was right when he said: “No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.” Come to think of it, I might just live a long time then.


6 responses to “Finally

  1. Pic looks good! Glad you got to do some fun work 🙂

  2. Oh I would love that wagon too!

  3. She’s Back in the saddle again!!!!(Sung loudly and maybe slightly out of tune! )

  4. Glad you’re back in the saddle, even if it was with bulls.

  5. Yay for cows and horseback riding!
    You all have a wonderful weekend!

  6. You just might! He did, and how. Love those Taps!

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