Do you ever have magical kind of days when all of time seems to stop and there is only one moment that you live in, almost like some altered reality?

It has happened to me a few times. I’m not sure why or how it happens but this past week at my teachers house I noticed I had slipped into that time warp.

She wanted me to listen to some singers, all different kinds, most I had really never heard of: Bruno Mars, another fellow whose name I can’t remember who sang like Frank Sonatra, Regina Spektar who I think is Russian, a Blues singer who uses throat singing like Tibetan monks. We listened I think for hours. She explained what I was hearing, the singer techniques, how they turned their weaknesses into strengths. We discussed experimenting with styles and a host of other musical ideas in her wonderful living room.

It hard to explain how new this all is to me, this whole world of sound. I have rarely even listened to music since I was a teenager. I only sing with the congregation at church once a week. Why am I trying to play a mandolin and now discovered this awesome singing teacher?

I think it’s all because of one song my Dad knew: Ar Hyd y Nos or all Through the Night. It’s one of the few I know. I can sing it in Welsh, well, just the first verse, and not very prettily. But with this teachers help I think there’s hope that I’ll be able to sing it for my girls and my grandchildren, maybe even my family in Wales. We’ll see. For now I’ll just cherish those time standing still moments with this brilliant young teacher of mine like a cat soaking up the sunshine streaming through a magical window.



7 responses to “Magical

  1. I love that song. It’s absolutely beautiful!

    I am not sure if that’s your music teacher’s home, or yours, but I love the book cases…and that cozy spot to sit.

    Oh, these are special times in life.

    • That’s her living room. She is doing her last edit on a book she has written and then it will be published. She’s a very clever young women who likes books maybe even more than me (Naw, that’s impossible.)

  2. I think it’s great that you are taking on this journey, and all the more so from someone who clearly has a wealth of knowledge to share.

    I too am a life-long learner. So many varied meaningful experiences out there, for those who have an open mind.

  3. I’ve recently taken up music in my (older) age and find it to be wonderful for getting my (thinking) mind to let go and allow me to be in the moment. My music lessons and learning to understand and hear music – all sorts of music – has been a great revelation.

  4. Sounds like a special experience, just sitting in a rocker in a personal library like that would be wonderful

  5. I have a few, very few, vivid memories of just such moments. I treasure them.
    It sounds like you have found a very interesting singing coach.

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