Still Fencing

Well, 4 hours of rolling up nasty, kinked, pieced, rusty, old barb wire and then I chained out and loaded a quarter mile of posts onto the deck of the truck to take them home. Lunch hour was sure welcome today.


Everyone wanted to help the poor guy who had to pull all the staples out.


Except for Pojke ( sounds like “boy ka”), he found a prize.

It really was a big old bone.


He’s quite a character.

He closes his eyes when you pet him like he thinks he’s in heaven.


I love those glas (meaning blue) eyes.


But no one is as cute as Gus.


And no one is more loved than Blue.


More fencing tomorrow.


5 responses to “Still Fencing

  1. What a project! Your photos are lovely. I adore that wide open space! And your dogs are too cute, especially Gus. Love this markings!!

  2. Fencing sounds harsh… but your pups are SO loved it shows!

  3. It’s a good day at work when you have such helpful dogs along.

  4. Can’t do it – glad you can.

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