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Ok. I new I was going to hurt today after moving the big Simmental herd yesterday. Lots of years we’ve done it, just the two of us. This time we had six extras and moved them twice as far.

I had two of my favorite girls helping me, Crystal and Jazlyn, such good help and so kind to me. I felt plumb spoiled.
Pic was amazingly good and more than that, I could tell he really likes me. I am so happy with Gus who is turning out to be every bit as good as he dad, Blue.

Doesn’t mean that I didn’t have to ride hard. The first bunch across the hiway were wild and kept running till they got to the next gate then ran till they hit the farthest fence line of that field. Cows don’t run too fast and it wasn’t real hard to follow and make sure they got in the correct field but I new today was going to be ouchy.

My back is heeling up pretty good from the buck off, my leg is not as sore from slamming it into the trailer hitch, and my sprained wrist is still annoying but luckily it’s my left one.


Ouch, yes, but it was so worth it.


Well, here I am on the divorce horse. Trying real hard to like this sweet and willing little guy who we are calling Bob now. Have to say a short horse is sure easier to get on.

Went for a short day yesterday, around 3 hours and lots of that was spent just sitting there while some calves got treated. The weather was a tad cool but nice. I’m not expected to help much but my cowboy didn’t want me along today cause I ‘slowed him down’ yesterday.

Guess I’ll have to speed up.


Well, back in the saddle tomorrow. We have the Charolais herd to move (never an easy task out of that 8 square miles they are in especially when you head them north).

I’m not sure how long I’ll last since it’s only been 2 weeks since the big grey horse pitched me off and I hurt my back bad. The way my brain is working maybe I did bounce on my head too. The dr figured 2-3 months but I’m pretty sure I have felt the healing power of prayer on my behalf. Thanks for that 🙂

I’m still sore and wonder if one of the back hall kittens might/could hang a lickin’ on me but I’m usually tougher than I look and sometimes feel. I guess I’ll see tomorrow.

I’m going to go slow though. But work doesn’t do itself. We have some much appreciated help coming, thank Heaven. And maybe God will send us a few old cowboy angels on good horses with good dogs from there like I am sure He has in times past. I’m going ask Him if he would, anyway.



I was trying to take a picture of Pic.

till Yoda noticed me.


and got in the way.

“Hey, got any cookies for me?”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh! That’s just wrong.”

“Really wrong.”


I must be getting better, I was so grumpy today.


This is Diesel, big for a three year old. At least he got to go and watch the commotion at the South camp. My cowboy took him along with the Divorce-Horse (we’re calling him Bob now) who I was assured did a spectacular job and that I will really like riding him as soon as I get back on my butt. We’ll see. Don’t tell him but right now a puny horse sounds rather good.

Two of the bigger herds came in today, the Simmentals and the early Red Angus herds and I missed it all. I spent the day giving my paper shredder a workout and cleaning my office, mostly what I could do from my office chair. Sigh*

I think I made more mess than what I cleaned up. I only had myself to grump at which is no fun at all so I’ve decided I will be cheerful tomorrow on Mother’s Day and realized that maybe everyone needs a grumpy day, now then.

Red Petunias and Gophers

Made a trip to the best guy to see when you get hung out to dry. When I was a kid there were no chiropractors as such but there was an old hutterite fellow that knew how to do it and everyone went to him.

Lots of people think its all bogus but I’ve always been able to feel the difference when I go. Many is the time I’ve painfully shuffled in and afterward walked out. Of course, I only go after some wreck when anything seems like a huge improvement.

Tonight i feel like I maybe overdid it a bit but it’s hard not to do stuff when you feel a little better. Brought these home with me. They make me laugh when I remember when we lived at the ranch and I planted red and white petunias all around the house. None of the red ones ever had any flowers and the white one bloomed profusely. It was a real mystery till I caught a gopher eating a red blossom one day. I went around and looked and sure enough all the red ones had been eaten.

I’m still puzzled about why it was only the red flowers he liked.


Just looking thru the pictures on my phone while a much appreciated crew is out helping my cowboy move the Charolais herd a couple of fields north in preparation for the two herds, the Simmental and early Red Angus, that will come tomorrow and the next day. It’s a job just the two of us usually do. He has at least 4 helpers coming and I bet he’ll still miss me.

Meanwhile I’m layed up and grumpy for not getting to use these.

a pair of working chinks our daughter bought for me. I was looking forward to today so I could try them out. Baaah!

Bucked Off

Well, it’s been a long time since that happened, probably close to 10 years. I didn’t bounce nearly so well this time. But then again the horse was a lot taller. The new grey we bought last year, way over 16 hands, I really did know better than to try him but I don’t know why this time I never listened to myself. Baaah! Just stupid I guess.

And the timing couldn’t be much worse. We’re taking in the cattle this week and the ER doctor was talking 2-3 Months before I would be back riding. We’ll have to see about that. At least nothing’s broke. I must have bones of steel.

I am a little worried about the discs between the bones in my back but according to my regular doctor there must be some obligatory time a person needs to be in pain before they will look at any soft tissue damage requiring the long waiting list MRIs. He told me they would think he was crazy to book me for something like that. ( I won’t mention what I think of him, but trying to get a new doctor is all but impossible I’m on a waiting list and it must be a long one). All I really know is my back hurts bad and my legs aren’t real happy about moving.

I think this time I’ll see how tough I actually am. I need to quit griping and Cowgirl Up. I hate getting bucked off.


I am so seldom here on my blog but I’ll have lots to post about soon. I’m getting excited about the explosion soon to come.

That’s what it feels like when the cattle first come back out onto the lease for us to look after. We just about got all of the 96 miles of fence and cross fence checked and repaired. That was after we took down and rebuilt the close to two miles earlier this spring.

A few oilers to put new ropes on, for the itchy cows and we still have to order this years inventory of salt blocks and then put them out and we’ll be ready. We unload and stack, in the salt shed, close to a ton of fifty pound blocks by hand, hard work.

Just over 1600 cow calf pairs this year. The largest of the 4 herds we divide them into will have over 600 pairs but that’s ok because it will be the quieter Simmental herd. And only 15 Charolais bulls in the Charolais herd this year. That makes me a little happier.

The first two weeks, at least, is an absolute madhouse of activity with moving herds north and treating sick little babies stressed from the drive. Notice I didn’t say haul. Most of the members here drive or walk their cattle out to the lease as opposed to hauling them out by truck. It can be hard on the little ones, no matter how easy they take it.

Right now we are getting the rain we really needed and when the sun hits it there will be an explosion of green to match the explosion of work. I’m going to enjoy the peace and calm of this rainy day but soon . . .