I am so seldom here on my blog but I’ll have lots to post about soon. I’m getting excited about the explosion soon to come.

That’s what it feels like when the cattle first come back out onto the lease for us to look after. We just about got all of the 96 miles of fence and cross fence checked and repaired. That was after we took down and rebuilt the close to two miles earlier this spring.

A few oilers to put new ropes on, for the itchy cows and we still have to order this years inventory of salt blocks and then put them out and we’ll be ready. We unload and stack, in the salt shed, close to a ton of fifty pound blocks by hand, hard work.

Just over 1600 cow calf pairs this year. The largest of the 4 herds we divide them into will have over 600 pairs but that’s ok because it will be the quieter Simmental herd. And only 15 Charolais bulls in the Charolais herd this year. That makes me a little happier.

The first two weeks, at least, is an absolute madhouse of activity with moving herds north and treating sick little babies stressed from the drive. Notice I didn’t say haul. Most of the members here drive or walk their cattle out to the lease as opposed to hauling them out by truck. It can be hard on the little ones, no matter how easy they take it.

Right now we are getting the rain we really needed and when the sun hits it there will be an explosion of green to match the explosion of work. I’m going to enjoy the peace and calm of this rainy day but soon . . .



5 responses to “Soon

  1. I’ve missed your posts…

  2. You guys have been busy. Glad to hear you’ve had rain when you need it, too. :o)
    Have a blessed month!

    We’ll be retiring and moving to the farm the end of June/ early July. We’re excited and nervous at the same time.

  3. Hey havent seen you in a while! Need some help when your cows come in? I got lots of ponies that want to help 🙂

  4. There is a certain amount of joy in doing labor that you love, and it’s obvious you love working with cattle (except the bulls!) Stay safe and I hope everything goes well this month.

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