I must be getting better, I was so grumpy today.


This is Diesel, big for a three year old. At least he got to go and watch the commotion at the South camp. My cowboy took him along with the Divorce-Horse (we’re calling him Bob now) who I was assured did a spectacular job and that I will really like riding him as soon as I get back on my butt. We’ll see. Don’t tell him but right now a puny horse sounds rather good.

Two of the bigger herds came in today, the Simmentals and the early Red Angus herds and I missed it all. I spent the day giving my paper shredder a workout and cleaning my office, mostly what I could do from my office chair. Sigh*

I think I made more mess than what I cleaned up. I only had myself to grump at which is no fun at all so I’ve decided I will be cheerful tomorrow on Mother’s Day and realized that maybe everyone needs a grumpy day, now then.


8 responses to “Grrrrr!

  1. weekendcowgirl2

    Oh yes, everyone deserves a grumpy day for sure!

  2. gracie100btinternetcom

    Get well soon! Diesel does look a bit large?

  3. Yup. Everyone needs one.
    Glad to hear you are probably getting better. Love the first photo!

  4. Dang I don’t think this thing likes me, I always try to leave you comments and I don’t know if they are going through.

  5. I hope you get better and don’t push it until you are ready though! Let’s keep you safe!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! And Diesel is sure looking good.

  7. Diesel seems like a fitting name seeing the size of his engine! lol I’ve always preferred bays…and I’ve got three greys. sigh. The older I get-the more I want to go back to riding a pony…so much easier to get on. 🙂
    Sorry you were feeling grumpy. Hopefully, that means you’re getting better? Anyway, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Puny horses can be very good – ask Dawn and Red! Best wishes for quick healing.

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