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Nurse Cowgirl

Blue got hurt. I really didn’t think he was going to make it when I opened the back hall door and saw him laying on the floor covered in blood and unable to lift his head off the floor. Bachgen had gotten out of his kennel and almost killed him. I thought we would have to put my old friend down.

But my cowboy must have seen something I didn’t and said he thought he’d be OK. I layed on the floor beside him most of the night but finally got up and went to bed. In the morning he was sitting up. He had a huge gash in his front leg.

One of the back hall kittens stayed with him, never left his side, till I got him into the vet. Which seemed like it took forever then to have her tell me to take him home and redress the wound for 8 days and bring him back and she will sew it up. It was that bad. She did suture a torn blood vessel, hence all the blood on the walls in the porch. I cleaned for two hours. But there was no saving the carpet.


He looks so much better and he is hobbling around a bit now. It’s quite a deal daily irrigating the wound, packing it with fusaguard, and rebandaging it. I maybe don’t make too bad a nurse but then I’d do anything for this old friend.


I know it happens, just never thought it would happen to me. I don’t mean the kind of bone-jarring cold the makes you shiver; more like the shiver you would get walking down a dark alley in a dubious part of town, or some folks get it when confronted by a snake.

I’ve known it to happen to even the most die hard cowboys, the ones that don’t seem to have much self preservation instinct. It’s triggered by wreck of some kind involving a horse.

What ever happens we come face to face with how fragile we actually are ; maybe even discover our mortality. What a shock to realize we’re not ten foot tall and invincible.

So yesterday I was home working on a project I need to finish to help one of my girls out and in comes my cowboy needing my help. My horse and Wilbur and Trouper are way out grazing and no time so he saddles Bob (aka the divorce horse).


To make a long story short; I couldn’t do it. I’m either too brave and then foolish or a big bloody chicken. That’s how I feel. I got on but had to step right off again and my cowboy had to go do it without my help. So add to fear, guilt and that’s pretty much what I’m trying to work through.

I make this confession here and to myself because I know it happens to other folks. Maybe how I work through it and get over it (which I am determined to do because I’m one of those die-hards who’s living the dream) might help someone else. At least, they’ll know they’re not the only one who has ever been chilled.

But I Love It

Today we loaded up a bull with a broken right, hind leg and hauled him down to the south camp for his owner to pick him up. We showed that bull the opened trailer door and he just hopped in before I could even get a picture.

But I did see a real staggy looking calf but no sack. Some guys push a testicle up then put elastics on the sac and it falls off but . . . It’s a stupid, bad thing to do and that guy probably wouldn’t do it if the calf was staying at his place but out here . . . he doesn’t care. We’ll watch the calf later in the season to see how he acts then we’ll be able to tell better. That same guy usually tries to sneak a bull calf out but we have fun nuttin’ them when we find them.

The good news we got today was that this guy and his crazy cows (running meat off everyone ‘s animals) won’t be here next year. Yay! I don’t feel one bit bad about that.

I found this sick little guy all droopy eared and slobbering. But he’ll be feeling better tomorrow.

If you look real close you can see the little bunny I passed under that prickly buffalo berry bush. He stayed so still for me to take his picture.

The shadows were long when we headed back to the trailer. I thought the whole time back that God must sure love me. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do. It’s a good life, a hard life, sometimes a dangerous life but I love it.

Soaked to the Bone

Ya, no pictures of the last half hour of today.

I finally looked up and saw it hanging over head just as my cowboy roped a calf to treat in the last little bunch of cows we saw before the quiet happy ride(usually) back to the trailer. I prayed it would hold off till the little guy got his medicine and it did but then . . . Holey Wow! What can on be described as a torrential shower pummeled us the whole 2 or 3 miles back to the trailer.

We had to use 4-wheel drive to get out after we pealed what wet clothes we dared off and climbed in the shelter of the truck.

Still it wasn’t a cold rain and my cowboy and I speculated about how rain must feel in places like Florida ( he loves the tv show Swamp People).

Speaking of swamps, that’s a good way to describe the first field we rode in today. It’s known as the calving pasture although no calving goes on there now.

That rock thing is a duck factory marker. I wonder if the masterminds at ducks unlimited were aware that duck factories and alkali bogs go together. It’s a scarey field to ride in. A horse could punch through and be belly deep in muck in literally hundreds of places in that pasture.

20120614-220501.jpg Not sure what this girl was trying to tell me. probably get out of my way so I can go find my baby.


I took a picture of my new bridle. Often I think it’s a bit much, especially on Pic. Can you see how grey his face is getting? I think he’s older than I think. He’s gotten a lot calmer and cuddlier this year, not like his usual figgity self. I’ll sure miss him when he goes on to herd cloud cows.

I told him to tell God, when he gets there, that he was a cow horse here and that alone would earn him a special place in Heaven. Now if I can just live good enough to get there myself so we can continue our friendship.

I wonder if it rains there?


Finally got to be of a little use and helped with my first calf of the year. My cowboy has treated more than his share already and maybe he just let me help ’cause I needed to. I love watching … Continue reading

Farrier Day

Every couple of months we haul over to Ian’s to get everyone fixed up foot wise. 20120605-155120.jpg

Lambing time there. Loved this little specked guy. Boy, lambs are sure cute and so little and helpless.


Pic was so good. He must be old. He hardly even figets anymore.

And Bob (aka the divorce horse) he was sweet. Don’t you love that face?

The extremely friendly barn cat followed me all over.

Super Trouper is looking pretty well fed now that my cowboy is putting in so much time on the young horses. I guess hell have to pack me around this year (oh darn). He’s a good horse even if he is a little grumpy at times.
Some times is nice to just hang out with the horses while they are waiting their turn. I enjoyed that today.


It’s always an event when we get to cross the river on the ferry. Maybe not for everyone, but for this old prairie girl surrounded by seemingly endless grass riding on any kind of boat is a big deal.



The lilacs by Crystal’s house were so pretty


And there was a delightful little surprise in the tree.

Can you see Eyore smiling down?
It’s like a well oiled machine there, everybody has a job and they get it all done so quickly.

My cowboy ran one of the irons.

A necessary part of raising beef.

Nice looking calves.

That their mothers wanted back.

Oh and see that buckskin appy in the back, we bought a ticket from the Ag society to win him (or $4000). I need a horse and I liked this one. Keep you fingers crossed that I’ll win him.



Short Days

It’s going to have to be short days for me for a while, even when they are pretty days, like yesterday. I got to follow around my favourite cowboy and my favourite buckskin, Hooch.


He may not be an old seasoned gelding but he’s a good one. At 5, he’s capable of doing a good days work. He’s roped a lot of calves this spring on his own since I haven’t been there on another horse to help.

Nothing was sick so I didn’t get to see him in action but that was all good with me. I was kind of glad it made for a shorter ride that I’m kind of in need of now.