First Calf

Finally got to be of a little use and helped with my first calf of the year. My cowboy has treated more than his share already and maybe he just let me help ’cause I needed to.


I love watching Dr. Cowboy save these sick little guys.


Ah, not often you’ll see me with no gloves but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be roping although I did notice this time he tied my rope on my saddle when he saddled my horse for me. Speaking of ropes, you’ll notice the one of calf’s front and back legs tied together and me holding the other back leg, this keeps the baby from struggling and hurting himself and the other front leg is in the loop that is around his head which makes sure he has no chance of choking. It looks like a lot of ropes but it’s actually better for them cause they can thrash around trying to stand up and maybe bang themselves up.


The other thing we do is let his momma talk to him. It helps them both be calmer. This cow was very sweet about reassuring her baby that he was alright.


When a cow is worried like this mom, quite often another cow will wait with her. Then there is the curious onlookers. Sometimes I feel like one of the stars of C.O.W. Tv.

As we were checking I noticed this little nursery where a couple of cows were babysitting some other ladies calves. They had all stood up by the time my cowboy rode by and I got the picture taken.

No shortage of oil in Alberta. These dang things are everywhere on the lease and I don’t mean the cows. I’m not a big oil patch fan.

It was late when we rode back but I was feeling pretty good about getting help with my first calf of the season.


3 responses to “First Calf

  1. Very sweet. I love the pictures and the Paint horse. Terag

  2. Glad you got to help, and its a little one too.

  3. Easing back in to it are you? That’s good!

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