Soaked to the Bone

Ya, no pictures of the last half hour of today.

I finally looked up and saw it hanging over head just as my cowboy roped a calf to treat in the last little bunch of cows we saw before the quiet happy ride(usually) back to the trailer. I prayed it would hold off till the little guy got his medicine and it did but then . . . Holey Wow! What can on be described as a torrential shower pummeled us the whole 2 or 3 miles back to the trailer.

We had to use 4-wheel drive to get out after we pealed what wet clothes we dared off and climbed in the shelter of the truck.

Still it wasn’t a cold rain and my cowboy and I speculated about how rain must feel in places like Florida ( he loves the tv show Swamp People).

Speaking of swamps, that’s a good way to describe the first field we rode in today. It’s known as the calving pasture although no calving goes on there now.

That rock thing is a duck factory marker. I wonder if the masterminds at ducks unlimited were aware that duck factories and alkali bogs go together. It’s a scarey field to ride in. A horse could punch through and be belly deep in muck in literally hundreds of places in that pasture.

20120614-220501.jpg Not sure what this girl was trying to tell me. probably get out of my way so I can go find my baby.


I took a picture of my new bridle. Often I think it’s a bit much, especially on Pic. Can you see how grey his face is getting? I think he’s older than I think. He’s gotten a lot calmer and cuddlier this year, not like his usual figgity self. I’ll sure miss him when he goes on to herd cloud cows.

I told him to tell God, when he gets there, that he was a cow horse here and that alone would earn him a special place in Heaven. Now if I can just live good enough to get there myself so we can continue our friendship.

I wonder if it rains there?

10 responses to “Soaked to the Bone

  1. The bridle looks nice on Pic!! Can you tell me what kind of bit that is,, & the advantages of it?? Thanks & have a great week!

    • I’ve tried Pic in a hackamore (bosal and mecate) which is what we prefer but he likes to run and forgets to slow down with one. I have tried him in a mechanical hackamore but it’s too much whoa so this is kind three piece shanked snaffled with the centre piece being a little ring with three little copper rings on it. He likes it and has a little more respect for it. We ride very loose reined and seldom pester a horse so anything kind will do for us.

  2. I am new to your blog, great photos, seems a world away to how I keep my horse in England but looks amazing!

    • Welcome Laura. I have family over there, mostly in Wales though. The real difference is the amount of land
      we have to ride. 40,000 acres here. I think that’s about what the Royal family has and we’re just ordinary folks.

  3. at least that is what I hope

  4. Only a light warm rain to quench a tired cowgirl and her horse . Sure don’t like the idea of a boggy pasture like that! stay safe

  5. I think it’s a wonderful bridle. Worthy of Pic.
    We love Swamp People, too.
    Hope you’re doing well today! Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  6. That’s a nice photo of Pic, I think he looks pretty good in that bridle.

  7. I like that bridle, its fancy without being “in your face” with bling 🙂

  8. Oh yuck! I hate getting wet like that!
    I think that bridle looks good on Pic! and Im sure you will be up there racing around on him 🙂 … day far in the future

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