Nurse Cowgirl

Blue got hurt. I really didn’t think he was going to make it when I opened the back hall door and saw him laying on the floor covered in blood and unable to lift his head off the floor. Bachgen had gotten out of his kennel and almost killed him. I thought we would have to put my old friend down.

But my cowboy must have seen something I didn’t and said he thought he’d be OK. I layed on the floor beside him most of the night but finally got up and went to bed. In the morning he was sitting up. He had a huge gash in his front leg.

One of the back hall kittens stayed with him, never left his side, till I got him into the vet. Which seemed like it took forever then to have her tell me to take him home and redress the wound for 8 days and bring him back and she will sew it up. It was that bad. She did suture a torn blood vessel, hence all the blood on the walls in the porch. I cleaned for two hours. But there was no saving the carpet.


He looks so much better and he is hobbling around a bit now. It’s quite a deal daily irrigating the wound, packing it with fusaguard, and rebandaging it. I maybe don’t make too bad a nurse but then I’d do anything for this old friend.

7 responses to “Nurse Cowgirl

  1. Indy (formerly known as Bob) and I hope you feel better soon Blue. Take it slow and steady, we’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Oh Poor boy ! no wonder you were so distraught! He looks like such a lovely dog too. Glad Kitty and you were there to get him through the night , and hope he heals well

  3. *hugs* God bless. Hope Blue heals quickly. ♥
    Glad the kitten helped him, too. :o)

  4. At least he had you there to doctor him! Poor puppy!

  5. What/who is Bachgen? Poor little guy. I hope he continues to do well.

  6. Ah poor Blue but he is lucky to have you. I don’t know about you but I way more patience with my animal patients than my human ones. Get well soon buddy.

  7. Aw, poor pathetic guy! That’s a pretty special kitten too. With all the lovin’ Blue is getting, he’s bound to heal up.

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