Yup, I cried today, twice.

In 2001 I rode a 24 year old little horse named Buckwheat (he had a fuzzy pony thick mane). We had bought him for my daughter but I rode him the most. Good solid boned, plain looking, long backed little sorrel with such a big heart. He never really liked me or anyone much but what a good worker. I could get more done on him than a horse twice his size. He was like one of those Jack Russel dogs. He never knew he was small.

Back then we used to go to this club once a month with our girls. I barrel raced on him and heeled. He was consistently second in the 3D and he earned us a year end high point buckle. First and only one I’ll ever win.


Today it fell off while I was in a hurry to cut off some cows we were moving (I have lost so many things on the prairie never to be seen again and all of them bigger than this buckle). I didn’t realize till later.

By the time my cowboy wondered why I had quit helping him and rode over I was sobbing and could hardly tell him what had happened.

You see, I always felt like I was just using that buckle and that it really should belong to my daughter since it was her horse that had won it. I kept it to remind me of those happy days when we had kids at home and little Bucky (who that same year at the finals won himself the year end prize for heeling, a new winter blanket and enough money to buy me a fancy silver watch).

I don’t really care for competitions and only was involved to do things with my family so it was quite a surprise when he won all that. That buckle was quite a treasure, kind of a borrowed one.

When i quit bawling and started thinking I remembered that clanking sound I heard when it must have come off. I hunted and hunted and prayed pretty fervently. God must have been listening cause I found it.

I cried big tears again as I thanked Him
for the miracle.


8 responses to “Tears

  1. I got a little teary eyed myself. I can see everything that buckle means to you. SO happy you found it. Thanks for sharing your story. Well-written.

  2. LaVerne Bevers

    sure glad you found it!

  3. Wow! How amazing that you found the buckle! Annette @ Aspen Meadows

  4. Awwe, I am so happy you found your buckle ~ that is nothing short of amazing!

  5. I must be a softie, I cried reading this , and cried and laughed when you said you found it !

  6. So glad you found it – there are very few objects worth it but that sounds like it was.

  7. Awww, that’s such a heart warming story- even if it was accompanied by tears.

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