Old Cowboys Young Horses

Old cowboys and young horses aren’t a good combination
This time it meant a trip to ER which usually means hours of waiting. I guess he looked bad enough they took him in right away. But nothing was broke and he came out with a few pills and told he could go back to riding when the pain lets him.

So I got him home and settled and went out to check a few things like the cows we had moved the day before which had of course gotton out and were
wandering along the big canal that is part of the ducks project. It is fenced off to keep them out. It works so long as the gate isn’t open.

And the gate stays shut when there is a top loop. I found it cut and in the grass.

Then there was this gate where someone (I’m highly suspicious of the guy mowing the oil field trails) has opened and left down which allowed another big group of cows we had just moved back into the moved out of field. The gate was trashed besides and needed major repair.

I had to go back home to pick up some supplies and fixed both gates. My dogs
Gus and Pojke, helped me move the bunch off the canal but I’ll need some extra help with the other bunch.

It was almost dark by the time I got home and I was tired. All because of old cowboys and young horses.


10 responses to “Old Cowboys Young Horses

  1. Sorry for the double post couldn’t see the first one til this morning, ah technology.

  2. Has he ever heard Brenn Hill’s “Ridin Them Colts”? Get better soon Cowboy!

  3. Hope he is mended and back in the saddle soon

  4. Uh-Oh that dont sound good. Hope he feels up to work soon. I will come over and help someday if you need my kind of help 🙂

  5. Why can’t people have better manners? Sorry you had to deal with all of this today.
    Hope your cowboy gets well quickly.
    God bless. ♥

  6. Sorry to hear! Glad things were not worse. Hope your young at heart cowboy heals better.

  7. Glad nothing was broken and hope he feels better soon . . .

    People who damage or leave gates down, on the other hand . . .

  8. So sorry your cowboy got hurt, but glad he’s ok. I understand your feelings. Old cowboys have a hard time giving up those young horses. I may have taken it all out on the mower who left the gate open. Terah

  9. Yep that is why I am looking for a good finished sensible ranch horse. The ground is awful hard now. Have you heard Brenn Hill’s “Ridin’ Them Colts”? Get better quick Cowboy.

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