All I Can

Do you ever have those days when you are so tired but can’t seem to rest? Me too, today.

Got up early to take care of the grumpy invalid who seems to need me to wait on him hand and foot but can still get on a horse and ride. Cowboys!

We moved a pile of cows with our girl, Jazlyn’s, help. She is one of those people you can just ask them to do something and know, even though you can’t see them for hours, that they are out there doing their darndest to do what you asked. Sure appreciated her help. And Pojke’s and Gus’. I love my dogs.

I was worried that I’d lost Pojke but he had the sense to go back to where we started and was waiting there when we were done. Gus worked his heart out.

We let jazlyn go and went home where I I made us lunch and prepared some food for company who was coming for supper, our friend George, such a good guy, has cows here, good ones. With his wife visiting family we offered to share our super with him. I was tickled to see how much he ate.

Then I saddled a different horse and went back out to check the big herd. Sadly I found a dead calf. His Momma was still trying to guard the little dead body when I got there. When I rode up to her she was anxious to show me the calf but wouldn’t let me off my horse to get its ear tag. He hadn’t been dead for long.

Her face was covered in deer flies and horse flies. I could see she wanted to leave but she wouldn’t, poor soul. My heart hurt for her.

My old dog, Blue, who just a few sort weeks ago I thought was almost dead came with me. He was so happy.

A big part of the heard was on top of the hill which I figured was a more bug-free zone. But I mistakenly thought the grass was sparser there too. Maybe you can’t tell from the picture but it was thick and lush.

20120726-234624.jpg and the sky looked my favorite way.

But I need be satisfied that I’ve done all i can and get to sleep.


7 responses to “All I Can

  1. LaVerne Bevers

    Sure wish that green gras was here in North Texas!Love your blog and the BCs

  2. Looks like a good but long day, well except the calf, thats too bad about him. But good to see blue out and about again.

  3. Too bad about the calf! I sure wish I were closer I would love to come help

  4. Aren’t men funny when they need tending?
    You did a lot.
    Such beautiful scenery, too.
    Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  5. Except for the calf, a good day all around! Funny how guys get so needy when they are hurting….

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