More Bulls

Had an easy morning with the plumbers here to fix the pressure system on the well. Works wonderfully now and no messy leaking.

Then the help came, after they had already put in a days work.

It is such a privilege to be around good men, one not wasted on me. I appreciate a good Hand too, more than most people.

A person wouldn’t think going down this trail alone would be a little spooky but for a flat lander, bushes like these can be a little intimidating.

And on the other side, perfect moose habitat and we have seen them in here.

So we pulled 15 bulls out of the hardest pasture today and only 9 left in this field.

Maybe could have done more but a storm was approaching and we decided retreat might be the better part of valor today.

I really enjoyed these roadside flowers as we hauled the bulls down to the bull pasture.


Bull poker tiime for these ol boys. They can hang around and swap heifer stories and eat to their hearts content.


3 responses to “More Bulls

  1. So nice that you have such good folk around to help . How is your cowboy?

  2. 15! thats pretty impressive for an early quittin day.

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