Tired of Bulls Yet?

Blah! I am.

The only thing interesting was this Simmental’s color. Most of them here are a darker red. The fellow that bought this one may have thought the calves would look more like a Charolais/Red Angus cross which the buyers seem to like better, at least around here.

And I did get a picture of a hawk that I think is a Feruginous Hawk that nests around here every year in the one tree by the road. Couldn’t quite tell from the distance I was at but I didn’t want to disturb her if it was.

When we got back around 7:30 everyone looked as hot and tired as I felt, especially the barn cat, Weasel.

More bulls tomorrow with help again. It’ll go much faster than with just the two of us.


5 responses to “Tired of Bulls Yet?

  1. I would love to invite one of your bulls to dinner. ;o)

    Have a great Friday!

  2. You may be tired of bulls, but I never get tired of your posts! I love checking my email every morning knowing that there will be new pictures and new exerpts of your amazing life on the prairie. Thanks!

  3. Will be with you in spirit! wish I could be in person

  4. Love seeing the bulls.

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