Bears, Snakes, and Wire

There are too many things in this ol world that I hate but this is one.

Bears, I’m plain scared of bears. Snakes, well, I’d rather wake up with one in my sleeping bag with me than even see a bear and I really don’t care for snakes much but I hate barbed wire.

That roiled up bunch was all strung out in the long grass and while Pic and I were chasing after a bull on the run away he caught it with his right hind and it could have been ugly. Scared us both, a lot. So glad it wasn’t any worse.

Bulls are getting hard to find. We hunted half the day in the big pasture by the house but only found these three.

And then one more. They walk so slow and of course they were on the farthest corner so it took forever to get them to the North camp, here.

I looked up when we were in that far corner and told my cowboy: “we’re going to get rained on” but it was just a few spots and spats, nothing the bulls or us couldn’t handle.

When we got back we put the bourses in the barn while we loaded the bulls in the trailer to haul them to the bull pasture down by the south camp. I laughed when I saw Trouper hopefully waiting by the gate hoping to get put in the barn too. But the rule here is: if the horse works he gets paid (in oats), half before we go out and half when they get home. No work/no oats, so Trouper had to wait.

But Pic and Wilbur sure enjoyed their hard earned rewards. Me too, a hot bath and comfortable bed with a cowboy in it. 😉


2 responses to “Bears, Snakes, and Wire

  1. Barbwire, ouch!! Hoping for no infection. No fan of bears/snakes either!

  2. Glad you are home and safe! Poor you and Pic!!!! random strands of wire are a terrible thing. I was chasing a steer on foot just a while ago, and somehow did not go feet over fanny on a ball of wire and a post that someone had left after repairing a gate! Also have a huge scar on my shin form an episode that didn’t end as well.Pic , and Wilbur deserved a treat!

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