My cowboy and I were riding along and all of a sudden he blurts out: “I sure like the feel of these reins.” I just smiled. He was riding with one of my bridles that had my favorite pair of split reins.

You know, in true cowgirl style I probably have more tack than I do clothes. I still have the original bosal I came into my marriage with 35 or so years ago.

I’m so much older and wiser than back then. After all those purchases I’ve learned that any kind of bit never can compensate for bad hands or bad timing. I’ve come to appreciate real craftsmanship over bling. I know now that a comfortable saddle (comfortable for both the horse and rider) is worth a hundred times more than Ferrari.

I have a few of those kinda of things: my breast collar, my tapaderos, those reins, Pic’s new headstall,


They aren’t flashy (not exactly true about Pic’ new headstall) but they are designed to work well, every stitch and stamp seems perfectly placed, the hardware is almost pretty, and they have a feel that is hard to describe, they feel, well, like quality.

It takes some hunting to find the good stuff. My taps, I found on kijiji. The young fellow was just starting out and had taken some extra time to do them up real nice. It goes beyond the stitching, stamping, or the quality of the leather. They have a rhythmic tap, tap, tap as a horse walks along happily doing his job that seems oddly comforting to both me and the cattle. He told me he made sure they sounded right and they do.

The breast collar, reins, and headstall I bought from a little local store who has an eye for nice things. But I believe you can buy that stuff online here. I love the quality of the things that I have that these folks at Buckaroo Leather have made.

Life is like that too; it’s about quality. How well you design or plan, the effort you put into doing it right, making it out of the best material (character and morals), you end up with something to be proud of.

6 responses to “Quality

  1. Enjoy your site. I knew your cousin Malcolm Jones. Alan told me he married a gal from Aust. Did they ever have any children and where are they now? I lost track of him.

  2. Great advice all around

  3. Yup. Life is like that. The tried and true is most often the best.
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. I agree completely. When Brett rode Winston, he immediately commented on the feel of my split reins as well. I’m with you. I fondled all the reins in the tack store before buying mine and I picked them because I loved the way they feel. You can’t beat great leather and you can’t short cut on workmanship. The good stuff lasts forever and feels great forever, too. …sort of like a good husband, I suppose. 🙂

  5. Ya quality is sure important, and sometimes hard to come by. But it sure makes a difference in the long run in how it works and how long it lasts.

  6. Funny, I was thinking the other day about my favorite pair of split reins; I won them for a year end award for barrel racing at a small gymkhana club, back in 1986- and I’ve put them on every bridle I use. 26 years I’ve been using them. You just can’t beat the feel of a good set of reins.
    Pic’s headstall looks good on him, I remember when that style of bridle was considered old fashioned and unpopular- but now it’s back in use- it’s a good design and doesn’t fall apart like those bridles held together with Chicago screws.

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