Good Grief!

Ya, today was full of grief but the good kind. It started last evening while my cowboy was checking on the bulls in the bull pasture, just before dark. They looked good but on the way home he found a gate open and cows slipping into the pasture by the bulls, not good. He put what he could find back and shut the gate.

Today though he was messin his pants to get back down there to see if he missed any. Oh ya, of course, a whole bunch. So we put them back. With them was a bull we hadn’t been able to find. He came out to play when the girls showed up I guess.

He was spooky and horrible to handle and there was nothing we could do but try to take him all the way to the south camp, must have been close to five miles. He finally went bush about the time we were to hot and tied to care. A project for tomorrow.

I got a little owie. As I’ve said before: I hate barb wire. A gate I had to open bit me.


Boone was so good. I’m still a little chilled but if anyone can help me get through that it will be this honest old horse.

Well ya, the day was full of grief but realy, it was good grief.


5 responses to “Good Grief!

  1. An honest horse does go a long, long way. Amen to that.

    I’m so sorry about your arm-ouch! That sure would smart a little.

    I so often think of you. I’m enjoying catching up on your posts. You folks from the east country never cease to amaze me. Someday we should have some kind of blogger meet up of the easier sort (too many babies for me to be riding around) and possibly eat pie and drink coffee. I can’t keep up with you girls!

  2. Boone is every cowgirl’s dream horse. Terah

  3. So glad to hear he is working out for you!

  4. Hope your arm is ok! Don’t let it get infected!

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